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Our customers can either buy a standard spec or design their own custom Spectrum boat.Choose a hull colour, upholstery colour and even the colour of your deck lights. Come and take a look at our fantastic Spectrum 480 Pilothouse and book in for a demo!

With package prices from £9,999.00

Pilothouse 480 


The hull of both the Pilothouse and Cabin 480 has been designed to cope with the British coastal waters. We have been working with some of Europe’s leading boat manufactures to produce a boat designed for our waters.

With its deep “V” from the bow, shallowing to a stable stern.  These boats have proved to be uncompromised in the U.K coastal waters. 

The Spectrum 480 offers a cruiser for the family looking for wakeboarding/day trips or equally a boat for the more serious fisher.

480 Specification

Learn about all the features and options for the Spectrum Pilothouse 480

Package Options

See all the package options with your choice of Suzuki or Tohatsu outboard engines

480 Review

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Here at Spectrum Boats we also embrace the experience of our European partners.

Our team have developed the latest manufacturing techniques, whilst utilising their extensive knowledge of traditional boat building.

We will only offer sound design, partnered with quality and a reassurance of beautiful hull structure.

With its deep "V" from the bow, shallowing to a stable stern. Spectrums have proved to be uncompromised in the U.K coastal waters.

Spectrum is the perfect choice for those boaters who are looking for excellent economy. The 480 Pilothouse shown performing with a Tohatsu MFS 25hp with speeds up to 22 Knotts

The Pilothouse 480 offers great protection from the elements. The Pilothouse and cockpit design keeps you warm and dry in all weathers.

Ways to buy your Spectrum

We understand  buying a new boat isn’t always as simple as falling for a sleek design and powerful new engine. So we have a couple of options to make it easier to own your dream Spectrum.


If you are looking to sell quickly we can often offer a trade price for boats to allow you to move forward and purchase your next boat sooner.


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