Welcome to HydroSport Ribs

We offer our clients a unique, high performance rib brand where quality and size matters! Our UK based sales team will offer you a truly superior brand of performance and leisure ribs from our 5.6 metre rib to our 9 metre cabin

Design Range


Our fully customisable ribs are available from 5.65 metres to an impressive 9 metres. The ultimate offshore performance rib brand HydroSport. With emphasis on pure speed, stability, maneuverability and acceleration.

Our ribs have been widely tested in most oceans, and designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, and deliver optimum performance.

565 Leisure

The 565 leisure is ideal for long days at sea. With the extremely deep V-hull in the bow it offers comfort and safety even in the harshest conditions

646 Sport & HC

If you are looking for an easy to launch, yet spacious rib, focused on sea keeping abilities and swift handling The 646 is an incredible all rounder.

737 Sport

The 737 sets the benchmark for what we do best: tough machines for

the big sea.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Here at Hydrosport ribs we also embrace the experience of our European partners.

Our team have developed the latest manufacturing techniques, whilst utilising their extensive knowledge of traditional boat building.

We will only offer sound design, partnered with quality and a reassurance of beautiful hull structure.

Our stepped hulls create not only a smooth ride but an increase in fuel saving across all horse power.

Tailored manufacturing ensures all our clients uncompromising satisfaction.

Made with the highest quality True ORCA® Hypalon material for longevity.

Ways to buy your HydroSport

We understand  buying a new boat isn’t always as simple as falling for a sleek design and powerful new engine. So we have a couple of options to make it easier to own your dream HydroSport


If you are looking to sell quickly we can often offer a trade price for boats to allow you to move forward and purchase your next boat sooner.


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